White Heat


Are you ready for success?

Yes? Phew! Luckily that’s exactly what we’ll be working towards throughout our 3 months together.

White Heat is a 12-week bespoke programme designed to understand your specific business goals, and to create a strategy with clear and tangible actions to achieve them.

You might have an amazing idea for a brand, and use the 3 months to develop your brand strategy, select a contract manufacturer and start the product development process.

Your brand might already exist, but you’d like structured guidance on how to increase your revenue, secure new retailer listings or increase the mix of sales going through your own web platform.

During our meetings, we’ll review points from the previous week, collaboratively work on your specific focus areas, and agree the short & long term action plans.

After each session, you’ll receive a summary of our meeting with the key next steps and timelines for action.

Sessions are held in person in Balham or Clapham (SW London), or by Skype. Contact Lumi to book your first consultation.